Twegistry:Twitter Gift Site


This is a GREAT NEW unique Gift Site!

 Have you ever met someone on twitter who you think could be a potential prospect and want to send them a birthday gift or holiday present?  Recently we  found a site called twegistry  which enables users to go in and enter the twitter name of someone and send them a gift without ever having to know their address. 

When you send the gift, you register for free using your twitter name and address.  They get notified on Twitter that they have a real (since there are so many virtual gifts nowadays) gift pending for them.  They click to see the present and then choose to accept the gift.  If they are not registered with the site they will have to enter their shipping information (same way they would do it at 800flowers etc).  If they are already registered, then they simply click accept and the gift arrives at their door.  One of the nice things about this site is that shipping and handling as well as taxes are included in the price.

The site is amazingly simple to use and we have gotten a really good reaction from the prospects and former clients we have used this site for.

Check it out!




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