How To Choose A Waterfront Or Water View Property On Long Island

Do you love being near the water? Do you enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking, jet skiing, or just the luxury of looking out at water view on Long Islandamazing sunsets? Waterfront and Water View properties are in demand. 

When a potential Waterfront or Water View client calls Realtor’s Larry & Sheila, we first ask them exactly what they are looking for. Do they want the views of the Long Island Sound or the Ocean? Are they looking for a water feature looking at a pond? Do they want access to the water for boating or fishing from their home? Do they need a boat slip and what size their boat is? 

The best way to find a buyer the right property is to determine what their priorities are when it comes to Waterfront and Water View living. Then, we can focus on what types of property may be available for them.

Sometimes you may want to consider the property more than the house. However, what if the house is exactly what you’re looking for, but the water feature is not. The view is not the one you were really looking for. There’s no access to get to the water. The pond view is perfect, but there’s no privacy.  You may be able to change the house, but you can’t change the water aspect. So, before buying a Waterfront or Water View home or condo, make sure the water feature is what you really wanted.

Also, remember extra costs may be involved for additional maintenance of your home being close to the water from the natural elements, to the higher cost of your home insurance. Waterfront and Water View homeowners may have to cover additional perils such as flood insurance and liabilities.

With these things in mind, you can decide if Waterfront or Water View living is what you’ve been looking for on Long Island. Then call Larry & Sheila so we can help you find the one compliments your needs and desires.

If you are looking for Waterfront or Water View properties on Long Island, call Realtor’s Lawrence (Larry) And Sheila at 631-805-4400.

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