Encore At Lake Grove Owners, We Need Your Listing NOW!


Do you own a unit at Encore in Lake Grove New York

If you own a Mozart Floor Plan, Bach with a Loft or Adiago unit at Encore in Lake Grove New York, and you are ready to sell your Condo, we have Buyers waiting NOW!
Currently (August 2013) there are no units available for the above Floor Plans at Encore in Lake Grove Long Island. Real Estate Agents Lawrence “Larry” and Sheila have a waiting list of Buyers interested in moving into the Community.
Sellers: If you are ready to sell your Encore unit, call Real Estate Agents Lawrence “Larry” and Sheila at 631-805-4400 (c) and get your unit SOLD!
Buyers: If you would like to buy at Encore in Lake Grove, we can place you on our waiting list for the 2 above Floor Plans or show you what is currently available in the community.
Call 631-805-4400 (c).
The 55 + Condo market is in demand on Long Island. Let us represent you in the sale of your unit and get it SOLD!
Call 631-805-4400 (c).
If your home or condo is listed with another broker, this is not a solicitation of the property. This advertisement does not suggest broker has transaction or any property currently available. All content, including text & images remain exclusive property of the authors & only with written permission from us may anything be used by others. All information is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed & must be verified by the prospective consumer. Sale May Be Subject To Term & Conditions Of An Offering Plan. DISCLAIMER:The authors disclaim liability and make no representations as to completeness, errors, omissions, delays in information, injuries, correctness, suitability,validity, damages or losses, direct or indirect that may result from use or reliance on information contained in the blog, or the accuracy of comments or opinions by authors or visitors to the blogs.

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