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Have You Ever FIRED A Seller?


We did, and here’s why…


Sellers always ask, “How Can We Get Our Home Sold Quickly?


Besides the most obvious way to get your home sold quickly, Price It Right, Condition, Location, it’s also very important that we and other Realtors in the area are able to show it to as many potential buyers as possible.


When busy Realtors schedule appointments, they want to make sure they show their Buyers those houses or condos that closely match their criteria. If a Realtor cannot get in to show the Buyer their best matches, they will find other homes that will be suitable.


Making it as easy as possible for other agents to show a home is the best way to sell it. If you can’t accommodate Buyers, you may be losing important opportunities. The more people that get to see your house, the faster it will sell.


That being said, here’s why we fired the Sellers…


Case in Point:  We were hired by a couple to sell their house and we asked if there were going to be any restrictions on showings. They said “NO”…


After listing and marketing the house, we started getting phone calls quickly. At that point we were told…“Oh, you can’t just call us up and expect to show it when it’s convenient for the Buyer”.


“These are the hours of showing: Monday through Friday AFTER 7:30 p.m. (It was the middle of winter and no one wants to see a house after 7:30 in the evening). Weekends, not before 11:30, but you can’t expect it to be available to show every weekend, AND we need at least 24 hours advanced noticed for any of these times”.


As the calls came in, we kept texting them of the desired showings, and each time we were messaged back…”NO, not until 7:30 p.m.”


Then we had an Open House and were lucky to get 10 families attend. After the Open House (where they sat in front of their neighbors house in their car the whole time) the Seller said “I counted and ONLY 10 different cars showed up”…ARGGH!


Anyway, at that point, we told them once again that without a more flexible schedule, we are not going to get many potential buyers through your front door. The wife said “that’s ridiculous, if buyers really want to see our house, they will make it their business to see it after 7:30 p.m. or on the weekends, otherwise they’re not serious buyers”


We FIRED these Sellers. Yes we did and never looked back.


Have you ever fired a Seller and why?


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