Long Island Real Estate and Millennial Home Buyers

Long Island Millennial Home Buyers Want These Features


As Long Island Premier Realtors, we have been working with Millennial home buyers and are familiar with what features they are looking for in their homes. Here’s what they are telling Larry & Sheila what they want:


The Number One item Millennial’s are asking Lawrence & Sheila Agranoff for is Open Floor Space. Less walls and more open concept is what they want. They would like the entertaining space with maximum flow throughout their home without the need for 4 walls with separate spaces. Yes, walls are coming down.


Millennial’s are on the go. They don’t want to spend the time redoing a living space. They are not looking for decorating or repair allowances. With their many interests, they have minimal time to fix a place to their liking. Turn-key with little or no work is what they are looking for. They want it done!


Large kitchens are being asked for. They like the openness of everyone gathering around a large kitchen island and an open flow throughout. Today’s kitchen is more of the hangout room like yesterday’s living rooms used to be.


Millennial’s definitely want their Open Spaces to have enough features to include all their technology tools. Smart-Home features is sure to please them. If they can use their smart phones anywhere they are to connect to their devises, it’s a bonus and it is what they are looking for.



The need for a Dining Room is out for these buyers, and more casual spaces is to their liking. They would rather use that extra space for a Home Office and have all their techie tools close at hand.



This generation seems to be looking for less outdoor space than previous generations. A smaller patio area is being requested rather than a large yard that has to be maintained. They are too busy on-line, and want to spend their extra time on social media…not having to mow the lawn, weed, and work in the yard.


Bottom Line: They also tell us that they probably will not stay in their house long-term. They are living in the now. It’s fair to say that not every Millennial is asking for the above, but from what we have seen, these characteristics have been what we have been experiencing while working with this generation.

Happy Home Buying Millenial’s, and when you’re ready to buy a Long Island North Shore home, call Realtors® Lawrence “Larry” and Sheila Agranoff at our Cell: 631-805-4400.


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