Selling Your Long Island Home in Winter

Trying to sell your Long Island home this winter? Here are some tips when selling your Long Island Home this winter, brought to you as a courtesy from Realtors® Lawrence & Sheila Agranoff.

Curb Appeal Safety

Make it safe and inviting. Shoveling the driveway, sidewalks and path to front door is important. If your home isn’t reachable, the buyers aren’t going to be able to see the inside.  Last winter, Larry and I tried to show a home to relocation buyers, and the home they were most interested in could not be seen because the homeowners did not make any attempt to shovel the path. The owners were away and didn’t think it was necessary to hire someone to clear the path. Even though we travel with a snow shovel in the winter, the snow was way too deep. The buyers were on limited time, and so the house they really wanted to see went unseen.

Don’t Leave it Cold

Even though buyers will be wearing coats, you don’t want the inside to be cold as the outside. Make sure the inside of your home is comfortable enough for buyers to take a long look around and not be forced out because they are too cold to linger.

Photo Taking

Keep your photos during the winter months updated. There’s nothing wrong with taking pictures of a snow-covered house, but when the snow disappears, change the photos.

Make Your Home Convenient To See

During the winter months when wearing snow boots is necessary, leave a chair by the front door for easy removal of the buyers boots and shoes. We have tried to show homes on snowy days, and the homeowner did not provide a space to removed them, and the buyers left without seeing the home. Also, make sure your own boots do not clutter the entryway.

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