Long Island Home Buyers What Do You Want In Your Home?

Before you decide which Long Island house to buy, first think about your lifestyle, your budget, your must-haves and your wish list. Finding the right Long Island residence involves striking a balance with your needs, and the reality of what the housing market looks like.

When preparing your wish list, keep in mind your current housing criteria and what you may need in a few years from now. Is this a permanent move? Is this a starter-home? Is this a home you are buying because it’s close to work?

This will be your place so decide what will be most important to you. Do you need to be near transportation, close to schools, near shopping? Do you have enough land to enjoy gardening?  Are there recreational activities nearby that you enjoy?  Is it close to the things you care about?

What type of home do you want? Do you want a Long Island Condo, or a Single Family Home? Would you like a new home or an older one?

As Long Island Realtors®, we find that everyone has their own preference in what they are looking for in a home. We can show the same home or condo to 5 different people, and we can get five different answers if this place would be right for them.

For that reason, Lawrence “Larry” and Sheila Agranoff are providing our basic check list that you can use when you begin your home search:

1. What town do you want to live in?

2. What price range would you consider?

3. Are you looking for a single family home/condo/co-op?

4. Do you want an older home or a newer home?

5. Do you want move-in ready or the price is more important?

6. What style house appeals to you most?

7. Are schools a concern?

8. Do you want to be close to public transportation?

9. Do you have any physical needs that must be met?

10. List the must-haves:


a) Number of Bedrooms and Baths

b) A Garage

c) A Basement

d) A Fenced Yard

e) A Deck or patio

f)  Central Air Conditioning

g) Hardwood Floors

h) Separate Dining Room

i)  Den or office

j) Large or Small Yard

k) Pool

l)  Separate Laundry Room

m) Multi-generational  Space

n) Fireplace

o) Anything else that  you have on your



Must  List___________________________________________


By having this handy check-list, we will be able to determine where to start  on your Long Island Home-Search Journey.

Call The Realtors® who list and sell Long Island homes and condos. You’ll be glad you made the call to work with Lawrence  and Sheila Agranoff 

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