Long island Home Buyer Ask: Should I Look At A Home That’s Been On The Market A Long Time?

Long Island Suffolk County Buyers Ask ~ Should We Look At A House That’s Been On The Market A Long Time?

If we told you a house in Suffolk County Long Island had been on the market for a long time in a neighborhood you were interested in, would that affect your decision?
It shouldn’t…


Buyers may think that if a house hasn’t sold and has been on the market a long time, it must be because the house may have some serious issues.


What we notice in Suffolk County Long Island is that when a house has been on the market a long time, most of the time it’s because the price wasn’t right for the area or the condition.

Our suggestion to Buyers is that you should not let a number distract you from a possible great house.

In Suffolk County Long Island there can be other reasons besides something being serious wrong to keep a house sitting on the market.
For instance, it may have been difficult to show because tenants were living there. It may have been listed during minor repairs which may have alarmed some buyers. Maybe the sellers made it difficult to be seen. If the home cannot easily been seen, there will be missed opportunities in getting the house sold in a timely manner. Sometimes Sellers aren’t serious about selling and just want to see if there is any interest in their house. Maybe when the house was first listed the weather was inclement. There are Sellers who won’t negotiate no matter what someone may offer and it can stay on the market a long time. Buyers can get discouraged and look elsewhere.
Many different scenarios for a house to be on the market in Suffolk Count Long Island for an extended amount of time.
If you like the house, then you should like the house!
Don’t dismiss interest in a house that’s been on the market a long time. A great house may be waiting for you that has been overlooked by others.
Don’t let the number of days scare you away!
Lawrence “Larry” & Sheila Agranoff can help you as their Buyer Client to determine why a house has been sitting on the market, and can sell you a Suffolk County Long Island home. Call our Cell: 631-805-4400.
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