Long Island Home Buyer Frequently Asked Question: Do We Need A Final Walk-Through?

North Shore Long Island Home Buyers Ask ~ Do We Need A Final Walk-Through?

Client asks…We’re Closing on our house next week, and don’t have time for the walk-through, do we need one?

Yes, Yes, Yes is our answer!

First let’s start with the basics ~ The final walk through is the buyers last chance to check a property before they close on it.

The walk-through is done usually a couple days before or even the morning of the closing to make sure the home is in the same condition as when you signed the paperwork. We try to do the final walk-through with our buyers here on The North Shore of Long Island as close to the closing date as we possibly can.

During the home inspection, if repairs were noted and necessary, it is now time at the Final Walk-Through to make sure that those items were taken care of. It’s also time to check and make sure anything that was supposed to stay in the house, has not been removed.

A walk-through does not serve as recourse to get out of the deal, but it’s sole purpose is to confirm the property condition. If something is not working that should have been fixed, these issues need to be brought to the attention of the seller and their attorney immediately.  After you close on your North Shore of Long Island house, the property becomes yours in the condition it may be in. If you were given the opportunity for the walk-through and you passed, the responsible for repairing any items that need repair after the closing takes place will now be yours.

There is no requirement that you conduct a final walk-through before closing on a property, but you’re taking an unnecessary risk by not doing so. The final walk-through can be conducted by you with your Realtor, or a home inspector, and Realtors we encourage our North Shore Long Island clients to take advantage of this last viewing before closing.

We can’t imagine not having one last look to see if the condition of the house or condo is exactly what was agreed on before the closing. 

We suggest to our clients that this is the time to stay focused on their investment and examine the condition of the property one last time.

So is a walk-through necessary on The North Shore of Long Island?

In one word…Absolutely!

Lawrence “Larry” and Sheila Agranoff
Cell: 631-805-4400



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