Long Island Home Buyer Asks: What If I Don’t Like What I Bought?

What If I Don’t Really Like What I Bought?

We were working with first-time Long Island home buyers who started to have Buyer’s Remorse set in. 

What if we spend all our hard-earned money, and after moving in we don’t really like it or it’s not what we really wanted?

We were never asked this question before, although we have had some buyers cancel a deal because of buyer’s remorse. 

This couple wanted a one car garage, a basement, wood floors in every room, an open living concept, and a wooded backyard.

Okay, so what’s wrong with what they want?


Until the “family and friends”  started getting involved.

Here’s What They Heard:

  • A one car garage is not enough and you’re always going to wish you had at least 2.
  • Having a basement can result in flooding, humidity can cause mold and foundation issues can cause problems in a basement.
  • Wood floors in every room is not practical.  Start spilling liquids and dirt accumulation in the kitchen and your floors will never look the same.
  • Having an open living concept may look nice, but having no walls creates the entire living areas to look like a cluttered space.
  • Sure privacy with a wooded backyard is nice, but what happens if restrictions change and a big retail center is built right behind your house?

Lawrence and Sheila Agranoff know that a Long Island home is probably going to be the largest purchase most people will ever make, and buyers should be certain that their choice is the right one for them.

Bottom Line:  Listen to your heart and your gut. Some people can put a spin on every house you look at. Ask questions, think about what really works for you…and go for it!

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