Long Island NY Condo Owners It’s A Good Time To SELL, SELL, SELL


If you are an owner at a Long Island Condo community, now is the time to Sell! Sell! Sell!

                                                                        Sold By Larry & Sheila Agranoff

Every day we have condo buyers call us about specific Long Island Condo communities, and every day we have to tell them how low our Long Island inventory is. At many neighborhoods, there are no units available, and at some there haven’t be any listed in a long time. When we do list them, if they are priced right and in good condition…



                                                     Sold By Lawrence & Sheila Agranoff


You Ask: Why are Long Island Condos Selling?

•A More Carefree Lifestyle
•Long Islander’s Want To Stay On The Island And Live Near Family and Friends
•Lock-and-Go; Most of the Communities Take Care of The Lawns and No More Shoveling Snow
•Many Have Amenities on Premises So You Can Be Active Without Leaving Your Community

                                                             Sold By Larry & Sheila Agranoff

Bottom Line: If you have a Long Island Condominium that you want to Sell! Sell! Sell!…Now is the time to list and get it SOLD! SOLD! SOLD with Lawrence “Larry” and Sheila Agranoff, Licensed Associate Broker and Licensed RE Salesperson

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                                                  Sold by Lawrence & Sheila Agranoff


As in everything, preparation is the key to success. We provide you with what you’ll need to move seamlessly through the home/condo selling process.

Are you considering selling your Long Island condo in the near future?

Are you curious about your home’s value or how to prioritize updates/repairs before selling?

Call our Cell: 631-805-4400 for a no pressure conversation to discuss your condo sale and your situation. It makes a difference when the agent your work with keenly follows neighborhood trends and market dynamics.

Working with the RIGHT Long Island Realtor® is critical to your home selling success!

We Need Your L.I. Condo Listing Now!

Lawrence & Sheila Agranoff

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