Long Island Home Buyer Ask: Are We Ever Going To Find A Home?

We had been working with Ellie and Ron for many months. They are
Middle-Aged first time home buyers. I say this just to point out that the young are not the only ones that may face some financial challenges when buying their first home. They had a realistic budget and we followed it.

We showed them many homes, and throughout the process they changed their minds on what would work best for them. They started out looking for homes where there would be the possibility to rent part of it, for the extra rental income. Those with finished basement and outside entry were at the top of the list.  Made offers on several, but with multiple offers on these properties, we lost out to All-Cash offers.

Next, they asked to see homes that didn’t have the income potential, and were smaller and lower in price. They were disappointed with the ones that were available.  Then they wanted to see larger homes that needed work, but after seeing a few of these they didn’t want to get involved with all the work involved.

Their dream was to have a home near the water, which they neglected to tell us at the beginning. A home was listed the day after they told us this and we went to see it before the scheduled Open House. Made a full price offer immediately, but the listing agent would not accept the offer until after the Open House.

I knew this one was going to go FAST.

And It Did – To Our Buyers!

We found it Larry & Sheila. Well we actually mean…YOU FOUND IT!

Finally telling us what their dream really was, got us to the Closing Table!

When you’re looking to buy a Long Island North Shore home, please let us know what you’re dream home would be…

Lawrence & Sheila Agranoff

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