Why You Need A Long Island Realtor®

Why You Need a Realtor® and What We Can Do For You

As Experienced Long Island Realtors®, we have been asked this question  – “Why Do We Need A Real Estate Agent To Sell Our House”?

You may be surprised how many times potential sellers have said – “I can sell my house without any help from an agent”…Only to realize they can’t!

One of our favorite conversations with homeowners is about selling their house and what we Will do for them to get it sold.

We are passionate about selling Long Island Real Estate. We know what our clients ultimate goal is, and we know what works and what doesn’t work.

We invest in social media because we know it works. It is a very important marketing effort for our business. Being found all over the internet is what we strive for and what we hear from potential clients. Our email blasts, our network of global, national and local websites, our many blogging platforms, our advertising campaigns, our networking with other Agents in and out of Long Island, our announcements throughout Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat are samples of how we can get the word out on your property.

That’s not all.

After we find the buyer, we are continually working behind the scenes to insure your transaction gets to the closing table. The contracts, the attorneys, the disclosures, the appraiser, the buyer’s agent, are all within our system to ensure everything goes smoothly. Remember, it’s not just an offer, it’s the entire transaction process!

Ready To Sell, But Don’t Know Where To Start?

We’re Here To Help!


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Lawrence & Sheila Agranoff




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